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Artist Statement



As a child of the 20th century, I have come of age with the new millennium. I was taught to believe and trust in science and technology; that it allows us to go further, to move faster and even to live longer—that technology has ultimately allowed us to augment our senses and overcome our inherent biological constraints. Simultaneously, the more inundated we are with technology, the more reliant we become upon it.

My practice addresses the power struggle between humans and machines, as well as our mistrust and misunderstanding of technology. Often these dynamics produces a sense of wonder, fear, or even transcendence, such as when we perceive something magical or inexplicable before us. When we place so much faith in devices to tell us where we are or what we see, we lose our ability to make these judgments for ourselves. I believe that our reliance on technology has become a meditation of how we experience reality. These ideas are soldered within my works.Relying on a technological base, my works shift between multimedia, installation, sculpture, kinetics, light, and sound. Through my practice, I deconstruct, reuse and recombine devices as a means of reflecting on how we perceive reality through technology. My works function as experiential platforms through which technology mediates an experience for the viewer in relationship to their own body.

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