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Manual 2s.jpg


Description – Light sculpture.
Details & Scale: 20/13 inch.
Engraved acrylic sheets, LED strip, Microcntroler. (2019).


Manual is a part of the Remanence project which encapsulates a series of future relics. Body of works simultaneously figurative and unplaceable; oscillating between sacred icons and science fiction curios to explore collective memory by constructing a speculative future. 
Manual serves as a suggestive blueprint of the future body, in conjunction with the ancient text Book Of Creationספר יצירה) ) from the Kabala.
The hidden light apparatus on the acrylic together with the paper printed Hebrew text creates a sense of rearranging past present and future. The flickering elements refer to a lost drifting signal much like the 1977 NASA, Voyager golden disc project.

Manual 1s.jpg
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