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Description – Interactive Sculpture.
Details & Scale: 48/25 inch.
Mac, Kinect1, PLS- 3d prints. (2017).


In Bridge, two small, physical pyramids become an entry point into a virtual space, where they stand in stark contrast to a digitally rendered sphere.  The sphere can be rotated and manipulated with the movements of the viewer’s hands as they interact with the pyramidal structures, thereby establishing a bridge between two worlds.  The sharp nature of the physical structures creates a phantom sensation in relation to the viewer’s hands. Viewers are made to question their relationship to the objects before them; a sharp object moves a round ball, a physical gesture moves a virtual space.  How this transaction occurs is left unanswered for the viewer to discern as they begin to negotiate these spatial relationships and challenge the notion of what constitutes a technological experience.
Is this how we feel the virtual?

Creative Coding Support by Amay Kataria.


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